Thursday, August 20, 2015

We Better Talk This Over

Breakup suggestion:
Let's go our separate ways and
Act like we're OK.

For all the words that Bob Dylan has devoted to missing lovers, you would think that a song like "We Better Talk This Over" would never appear. But people are complicated. If you assume that the unnamed departed woman of the yearning songs of the past few years is his ex-wife, then you get the other side here. This song appeared on the 1978 album "Street-Legal," (ie, single again and willing to mingle) and is an attempt at a compassionate breakup, but it sounds more like he's pushing her away by trying to use persuasion. I love the music, but find the words painful. It's not a song to "enjoy."

- We need to talk once we sober up.
- Let's call it a day before we decay.
- Time will make all this easier.
- You were a two-faced double dealer.
- I still find your ways enchanting.
- You'll find someone who'll treat you properly.
- I'm leaving tomorrow. It would be great to meet again in 36 hours and find out this was all a bad joke. But that won't happen. Our marriage is in tatters.
- Let's be grateful for what we had.
- If we keep tabs on each other, we'll go crazy.
- I wish I could turn back time and not go through this.

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