Thursday, August 20, 2015


All kinds of bad things
Happen every day despite
How odd they might seem.

Another obscure song from the 1990 album "Under the Red Sky," "Unbelievable" is a kind of righteous indignation packed into a song. What it's all about? That's up to you.

- It's unbelievable that it would get this far. (It's strange and true and could happen to you)
- It's indescribable. They said we were in the land of milk and money, but we're in the land of money. Look how rich you can get and how quick.
- With me, every urge is satisfied. Gold, silver, sweethearts... 
- Unbelievable: lead balloon. How do you even learn the tune? "Scale that wall and smoke that vine. Feed that horse and saddle up the drum. It’s unbelievable, the day would finally come."
- Once there was an eyeless man. Women told him lies. His heart bled under the silver sky.
- Everything is criticized when you are in need.
- "It’s unbelievable, it’s fancy-free. So interchangeable, so delightful to see. Turn your back, wash your hands. There’s always someone who understands. It don’t matter no more what you got to say. It’s unbelievable it would go down this way."

Here's the music video, featuring Dylan, a hot Molly Ringwald and a handsome fella. Partly shot in New Jersey, apparently. 

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