Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dirty World

She's like a fast car,
She's unsafe at any speed,
But sexy in gear.

This is one of the sillier songs by the Traveling Wilburys, and definitely one of their grooviest. It's the second track on their first album, and offers a lighter tone than some of the classic rock nostalgia that gives other parts of the album (Handle With Care, End of the Line, Heading for the Light, etc) its bittersweet autumn guitar feeling.

What he loves about you in the verses:
- Sexy body, dirty mind
- Grabbing him from behind
- The thought of introducing her to the other members of his gang
- How you make his legs quiver and his mind bend
- Your sense of humor and your disposition.

He also wants to change your oil for free, but knows you don't need a wax job because you're already smooth enough. He also offers to drive your pickup truck and park it where the sun doesn't shine. Of course, she goes to the airport in the end and he goes home to cry. Then Bob, George, Roy, Jeff and Tom tell you other things that they like about you:

- Electric dumplings
- Red bell peppers
- Fuel injection
- Service charge
- Five-speed gearbox
- Long endurance
- Quest for junk food
- Big refrigerator
- Tremblin' Wilbury
- Marble earrings
- Purple curtains
- Power steering
- Bottled water
- Parts and service

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