Monday, May 25, 2015

Gypsy Lou

Elusive girlfriend:
The pursuit of Gypsy Lou
Is a full-time job.

You'll need a second girlfriend if you make Gypsy Lou your first. Gypsy, as Bob sang way back in 1963 when he recorded this song for the Witmark Demos collection, is not a reliable life companion. He demonstrates:

"She’s a ramblin’ woman with a ramblin’ mind
Always leavin’ somebody behind.
Hey, ’round the bend
Gypsy Lou’s gone again
Gypsy Lou’s gone again."

The singer searches the country to find her. He tires out his feet. You would too. She's been to:

- Old Cheyenne
- Denver town
- Wichita
- Arkansas
- Gallus Road, Arlington (I'm assuming this refers to Gallows Road in Fairfax County, Virginia)
- Washington
- Oregon
- Gallus Road (again)
- A Memphis calaboose (prison)

Her itinerary ends in the calaboose, unfortunately. One of the boys she left behind committed suicide.

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