Saturday, May 16, 2015


He's leaving his girl
For no particular place,
And he will miss her.

"Farewell" is the straight forward tale of a man who is:

1. Leaving at sunrise for Mexico. Or maybe California.
2. Promising to meet his true love at another time.
3. Sad at the thought of missing his true love though he's the one with a restless foot.
4. Lamenting the weather (wind and rain, and eventually hail).
5. Looking to get lucky out west.
6. Saying he'll write her letters and travel with his true love in his heart.
7. Preparing to tell her stories of the road as he passes by incognito.
8. Ready for the friendly, discreet and non-judgmental people of Mexico.

The song appears in the Coen Brothers film "Inside Llewyn Davis," and a different version appears on the soundtrack. There are various recordings from the early 1960s, though the official album release is on volume 9 of the Bootleg Series.

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