Saturday, May 16, 2015

Forgetful Heart

When the heart forgets
How it used to love, the mind
Is doomed to recall.

The Bob Dylan of recent years writes elegies to love and companionship, but usually with a dose of misanthropy. I loved you, you loved me. We parted, and you know what? I'm lonely and I'm in pain with loneliness, but screw it, I've had enough of people. Get off my lawn. "Forgetful Heart" from 2009 doesn't contain any "get off my lawn." It's regret and loss in fifth gear.

1. Heart forgets the good times. Of all the organs, who would remember them better? That's a tragedy.
2. Heart and I used to laugh. Heart was the answer to my prayer. Now it's just one day to the next.
3. Heart and I loved love. Surviving alone is intolerable.
4. Insomnia, pain, the door is closed to heart. There's a strong chance that there never even was a door.

Truly dough without a levity agent, as it were.

Here is a live version from Berlin in 2013.

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  1. Yes another Haiku bite from Robert. Had a taste then enjoy listening to all the versions of this song from inside Bob Dylan's Music Box