Saturday, May 23, 2015

Get Your Rocks Off

Everywhere you go,
Everybody says one thing:
Get your rocks off me.

Most people know that "get your rocks off" means, generally speaking, to have an orgasm. I think that Bob Dylan and the Band knew what they were saying when they recorded this silly blues number during the Basement Tapes sessions, but the way they use the phrase is all together different.

- Old maid 1 says to old maid 2 as they're lying in bed: Get your rocks off of me.
- Man 1 says to man 2 up on Blueberry Hill: Get your rocks off of me.
- Man 1 says to man 2 down on Mink Muscle Creek: Get your rocks off of me.
- Children shout at Bob and company as they drive by in a Greyhound bus: Get your rocks off of me.

Bob at one point begins to cackle as he sings, which makes this bizarre track charming. Whoever in the Band does the bass voice accompaniment ("Get 'em off!") is an effective clown.

Below is Dylan's version, but first is the official release of the song in 1972 by four-man British group - Coulson, Dean, McGuinness, Flint:

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