Thursday, May 14, 2015

Emotionally Yours

I’m unraveling
While traveling, but am yours

Why should it be hard to write a haiku for a simple love song? Maybe simple love songs are empirical statements from the start. I gave it a try with this 1985 hit from the "Empire Burlesque" album. My ingredients, by verse:

1. Find me remind me (my origins)
2. Show me you know me (tell me you're the one, regardless of the truth)
3. I'm learning you're yearning (see behind closed doors, emotionally yours)
4. Rock me lock me (in your heart's shadows)
5. Teach me reach me (start playing the music)
6. I might be making this up (this thing about living for you)
7. You wiped my entire hard drive when we met. You re-imaged my computer.
8. This might be crazy.
9. Shake me take me (That's all I need)
10. Hold me help me (I have arms, they're wide open)
11. Unraveling traveling (even when traveling overseas)
12. Emotionally yours

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