Monday, May 25, 2015

Had a Dream About You, Baby

Bob dreams of a girl
He picks up. They go dancing,
Then they get coffee.

As far as dreams go, "Had a Dream About You, Baby" sounds like a good one. The song comes from Bob Dylan's widely panned 1988 album "Down in the Groove." It also appears in the soundtrack to the film "Hearts of Fire," a universally despised film in which Dylan co-starred with Rupert Everett. It's a decent song, though Dylan was unlikely to win any awards for profundity with this song.

1. He has to see her.
2. He had a dream about her.
3. She has a strange rhythm when she walks. She makes him nervous when she talks.
4. For once, Dylan's the driver and the girl's the hitcher. She says to take her to the nearest town.
5. They go dancing. The joint, as expected, is "jumpin'."
6. Later, she kisses him in the coffee shop. He gets nervous.
7. She's wearing a rag on her head and is wearing a dress of fire engine red.

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