Sunday, May 24, 2015

Gonna Get You Now

This is not a threat,
It's a promise: Bob will come
And get you right now.

The value of trying to score decent haiku off some of the Basement Tapes tracks is debatable. If I weren't wired to be such a completist, I probably would have given up on this 90-second raw take. "Gonna Get You Now" sustains itself purely on good atmosphere. The words are barely intelligible. Here's what I was able to get. These lyrics could be all wrong. I'm not good at transcribing on these bad recordings:

Gonna get you now!
Word to your grandpa, come on home.
Well xxxxxx afternoon
Drama ain't cold and brown.
Late last night on the top
She was heading to calling me 'round.
Gonna get you now.
Gonna get you now!
Word to your grandpa, come on home
Well I was daydreaming on Sunday.
Monday came both ways.
Big storm, man,
it don't bother me,
But I can't seem to get it straight
Gonna get you now!
Going to your grandma, you'd better best come home.

Make of it what you must.

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  1. Hello Robert, well we found this one in the basement, drag it out and listen to every version of every song composed or performed by Bob Dylan from inside his Music Box