Sunday, August 16, 2015

Restless Farewell

Haunted by gossip,
Enemies and fans, Bob slips
Out of public view.

More of a testy farewell. This closing song to the 1963 album "The Times They Are a-Changin'" is a reproving note to various situations and people who vex the singer, with the conclusion being that the best thing to do is to blow town before being stuck in negative situations.

Verse 1: Money - So much for that, we spent it on good times. It's closing time now, so I'm off.
Verse 2: Girls - I never meant to harm any of them, and I wanted to stay friends, but to do that you need to take the time, but since I'm the rambling kind, it's best just to leave.
Verse 3: Enemies - It was never personal, and I never regretted the battle. But sometimes it's time to knock it off and leave.
Verse 4: Thoughts - I've expressed my art for the sake of me and my friends, not for every Tom, Dick and Harry (despite being a hit recording artist for a major music label). Maybe it's time to leave all that behind.
Verse 5: Distractions - I don't want to be stuck on someone's notion of what I should be doing and when. Meanwhile, doing my own thing means I'll be the subject of gossip. But you'll see by my work that the arrow of my intent can pierce the dust of rumors that covers me, and in the meantime I'll do whatever the hell I want, and "bid farewell and not give a damn."

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