Sunday, August 16, 2015

Roisin the Beau

Roisin plans his wake.
There will be lots of drinking,
Hogsheads of whiskey.

Here's a drinking song about drinking. And death. And drinking after you're dead. The song got its workout with Bob Dylan and the Band during the Basement Tapes sessions of 1967.

1. I'm ol' Roisin le Beau and I've been all around the world. Now I'm going to die and go to hell, but that's all right because I know they have a nice place laid out for me there.
2. When I'm dead and on the slab, you'll hear me crying up from hell to send me a hogshead of whiskey.
3. Make sure you get 12 fellows, get them drunk, then take me out to the field and bury me in it.
4. Put some barrels there with me and write my name on them with a diamond ring.
5. I hear death coming! Time for one more drink. Let's toast to death!

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