Monday, August 17, 2015

Sally Sue Brown

Sally's dangerous.
She's too hot for all you guys.
Let me handle her.

"Sally Sue Brown" appeared on the 1988 album "Down in the Groove." It's a fun, old-style rocker, though it doesn't exactly pulse with life, but then again, not everything on this critically and commercially unsuccessful album does. Here's the rundown on Brown:

- She's back in town, so boys, run for cover or else you will be a broken-hearted lover.
- She looks hot in her tight skirt and with her big bright eyes, but watch out, she tells lies.
- I don't care what she's been up to, I'm "goin' south" and doing it all again. I'd prefer to have my heart broken than pass up a chance to get with Sally Sue Brown.
- I'm going to be a fool for that girl and lay at her bed like a dog.

The song was written by Arthur Alexander and two other people, but I know nothing about it.

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