Monday, August 17, 2015

Sarah Jane

Dylan’s boat is called
The "Big MacMillan." He rides
It with Sarah Jane.

I'm touched that Dylan recorded a song that mentions my last name, but I think he was just looking for the name of a riverboat that would fit the rhythm of the song. "Sarah Jane" is not one of his songs, but an old and obscure slice of Americana that I think, though I can't remember for sure, comes from post-Civil War days. The track was released without Dylan's authorization three or four years after he recorded it, on the 1973 album "Dylan."

- I have a wife and five children.
- I'm going to take a trip on the Big MacMillan
- I'm taking Sarah Jane, and plan to rock about her. (You know what that means)
- Various ills befall the captain and the ship. Gonna have to relax about all that and just rock with Sarah Jane
- Yankees build boats to shoot at the rebels. Bob's going to hold his own gun steady and level.
- And back to the first verse again.

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