Monday, August 17, 2015

Saving Grace

Being good is rough.
Bob finds it too tough sometimes.
But he has his faith.

What's better than one song on an album called "Saved" with the word "save" in it? Two songs. "Saving Grace," which appeared on the aforementioned album in 1980, is another of Bob Dylan's thank-you notes to God and Jesus for showing him the error of his ways and setting him on the blessed -- though difficult -- path toward righteousness and salvation.

1. I should apologize to you for saving me.
2. I've had my nine lives and by rights I should be dead. It's my faith that keeps me alive, and I must admit that I weep real tears for your saving grace.
3. First death, then resurrection. Either way, I'm welcome wherever you will have me. For that, I place my confidence in the protection of God.
4. Now, don't get me wrong. The devil's light shines bright, and that's easy to see, and searching for love is searching for vanity. I'll take saving grace instead.
5. You can't fake peace. Take note of this, wicked people. The real road to salvation is the road to Calvary. It's not a happy or easy road, but that's the one you gotta take.

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