Monday, August 17, 2015

Shake Shake Mama

Young sexy mama
Is worth a little heartbreak
For an old codger.

"Shake Shake Mama" is another one of the "you girls are a little too wild for me" songs that Bob Dylan has been writing for the past 15 years. This one appeared on the 2009 album "Together Through Life."

1. He gets the blues for you when he looks at the sun. Come back so you both can have some fun.
2. It's early evening and he's walking up heartbreak hill.
3. Shake like a ship going out to sea. You took my money and gave it to Richard Lee.
4. Judge Simpson's walking down by the river. Old Simpson, that clown, shocks him more than anything.
5. Some women really know they're stuff, but oh dear, those torn clothes and rough language.
6. He has no mother, father or friends. 
7. Mama ought to raise her voice and pray, and when she goes home, she had better go the shortest way.

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