Monday, August 17, 2015

Something There Is About You

Dylan's youth, Duluth...
Something about you baby,
Takes him back in time.

Bob Dylan takes a journey through the past in the rough-edged, but charming song "Something There Is About you." The song came out in 1974 on the album "Planet Waves," and the music of the Band suits the fractured mirror of memory that is this song.

1. Something about you lights me up. Maybe it's your body. Or your hair. You remind me of something that crossed into the present from another century.
2. I used to think that I had gotten past memories of my youth, but now I find myself thinking of rainy days on the Great Lakes and walking through Duluth and my buddies Danny Lopez and Ruth. Maybe you have a way of bringing back forgotten truths.
3. You make my spirit sing. I don't look anymore when I know I can see you. (At which point Dylan adds a line that I'm sure didn't sit well with Mrs. Dylan: "I could say that I'd be faithful, I could say it in one sweet easy breath. But to you that would be cruelty and to me it surely would be death.")
4. You move with style and grace. There is something about you that I can't quite put my finger on.

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