Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This Dream of You

I dream just of you.
It's the reason I'm alive.
But you're not around.

This song from 2009's "Together Through Life" is another in those "she keeps haunting me" songs that Bob Dylan has been specializing in for the past few years. It's also yet another one with a remarkable photophobia on his part. He begins the song with "How long can I stay in this nowhere cafe, 'fore night turns into day. I wonder why I'm so frightened of dawn. All I have and all I know is this dream of you which keeps me living on." I start to wonder after a while if he's portraying himself as a vampire or a ghost, so torn and worn thin by love that he can't stand the day and can only haunt the night.

I handled verse 1 directly. Here are the others:
- Everything old becomes new again, but he might have missed that moment. He just keeps the dream of you alive.
- Shadows dancing on the walls seem to know it all. He doesn't want to believe what's in front of his face, but he has n o choice.
- Maybe he's blind, maybe his heart deceives, but he can't cry anymore, he can only believe... in you.
- You always seem like you're here, but every time he tries to touch you, you disappear.
- He sat in a sad room and watched a shooting star. And he renewed his dream of you, which is all that keeps him moving.

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