Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tomorrow Is a Long Time

Wandering the world
Seems nice until you miss her.
Then you want her near.

So many of Bob Dylan’s songs are about being forced to wander despite the affection of the girl back home. “Tomorrow Is a Long Time” takes the other direction. In this song, the singer wants nothing more than to be with his lover. It was recorded live in 1963, and released in 1971 on the second volume of Dylan’s greatest hits. It’s one of his best songs. What I find so stirring at the end is the rush of the applause, a fine and triumphant end to such a relentlessly melancholy song.

Lonesome would mean nothing if every day didn’t take so long to get to tomorrow.
If only she were with me.
I can’t see myself or hear myself. I don’t know myself. I speak only sounds of pain.
The river and the sunrise are beautiful, but nothing is as beautiful as she is. If only she were waiting for me. 

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