Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tell Me

Before I leave you,
Tell me if you love me
Or if you love him.

This could have been a high school slow dance song or, frankly, any kind of big mainstream hit. The song, recorded in 1983, did not get commercial release until 1991 when it appeared on volume 1 of the Bootleg Series. It's the song of a man who knows that his lover loves him no longer, and he's wondering what's going on in her mind, and more specifically, who the guy is that she must be seeing on the side.

Tell me this:
- Has the fire died or does it still burn?
- What are you thinking about? Just a glance will do.
- Should I try to keep you or let you go?
- Whom are you thinkn of when you look at me?
- Can you feel how I feel about you?
- What are the secrets you're keeping?
- "Is your main friend someone who's an old acquaintance of ours?"
- What's going on behind those eyes?
- What happened to the treasure you keep?
- Have you ever tried taking a chance and doing the opposite of what the experts say?
- What game are you playing?
- Do you have morals? Point of view?
- Does anyone pray or cry for you? Who is he?

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