Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)

Girl sleeps with guy, then
Pretends she doesn't know him.
Two can play that game.

"I Don't Believe You" comes with the subtitle "She Acts Like We Never Have Met." The song, from 1964's "Another Side of Bob Dylan," is a simple song about a night of passion spent with a woman who afterward won't acknowledge what they did. It seems that he meant little to her, or she has some reason for turning her back on him and pretending in front of other people that they don't know each other. He doesn't take this well, and decides that he can give as well as he can get.

Part 1: Saturday night
- "We kissed through the wild blazing nighttime."
- "She said she would never forget."
- "The night ran swirling and whirling."
- She was whispering
- "Her skirt it swayed."
- A guitar played.
- "Her mouth was watery and wet."

Part 2: Sunday morning
- She let go of his hand.
- He's facing the wall.
- He can't get close to her.
- It's like he isn't here.
- "She acts like we never have met."
- She's not talking.
- She's turning her back to his face.
- She seems too far out.
- Something has changed, "she ain't the same."

- He's leaving
- He is considering acting like she does
- Instruction to others on how to forget people: "You just pick anyone and pretend that you never have met."

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