Friday, June 26, 2015

Just Like a Woman

How does she take, fake
Love and ache? Like a woman.
But see how she breaks.

One of Dylan's big hits, "Just Like a Woman" arrived on the 1966 album "Blonde on Blonde." Dylan has received praise for writing a perfect, bittersweet pop song, and has drawn criticism for writing a song that some people find condescending and misogynistic. All I know is that I've never met a woman who knew this song and didn't know all the words from singing along to it.

1. No pain, all rain. Baby's got new clothes, but no more ribbons or bows. She takes, makes love and aches like a woman, but breaks like a little girl.
2. Side story: Queen Mary. Bob goes to visit her. Meanwhile, Baby can't be blessed until she discovers that she's like everyone else with her various drug problems and jewelry. She takes, makes love and aches one way, but breaks another way.
3. Bob's in the rain, he's dying of thirst, he seeks comfort from the woman in question, but something between them didn't work out.
4. Next time we meet, don't let anybody know about the time when you had the advantage over me. And on a related note, you fake, make love and ache like a woman. But you break like a little girl.

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