Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Forgot to Remember to Forget

Now he remembers:
He forgot to remember
To forget they met.

Dylan does Elvis during the Basement Tapes sessions of 1967. He's no Elvis, but Dylan and the Band make it sound like a nice parlor-room country song up in the woods on a pleasant evening with red wine and bales of dope. You can find it on volume 11 of the Bootleg Series.

The song was written by Stan Kesler and Charlie Feathers. Elvis recorded it in 1955.

I forgot to remember to forget her,
I can't seem to get her off my mind.
I thought I'd never miss her,
But I found out somehow
I think about her almost all the time.
The day she went away
I made myself a promise
That I'd soon forget we ever met.
But something sure is wrong,
'Cause I'm so blue and lonely.
I forgot to remember to forget.

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