Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Feel a Change Comin' On

We're gonna be friends,
Lovers together at last,
Now that I am old.

"I Feel a Change Comin' On" is the second-to-last song on the 2009 album "Together Through Life." It feels like a valedictory, the finale to the album, whereas the last song, "It's All Good," is more like an epilogue. This song is an invitiation to an old man's current sweetheart to take the relationship one step further. As Bob sings, "If you want to live easy, Baby, pack your clothes with mine." The repeated reference to the "fourth part of the day," which is "already gone," sounds like the beginning of Act V, often the last act in a Shakespeare play. And of course, all the world's a stage, so it's easy to see this sweet, sentimental song as a preparation for death.

1. Bob sees the world in front of him and, zooming in, sees his sweetheart coming his way, along with the village priest (time to get married).
2. They have a lot in common, and "I just can't wait for us to become friends."
3. Life is for love; love is blind. Let's get together.
4. Why dream? They don't work anyway and we have better things to do in the waking world.
5. She's so sexy, she could start a fire. She drives him crazy, robs him of reason.
6. Meanwhile! He is listening to Billy Joe Shaver and reading James Joyce. And to make the rhyme complete, he notes that "Some people they tell me I got the blood of the land in my voice."
7. Everybody else has: money, nice clothes, flowers. Bob doesn't have a single rose (except you, of course)


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