Monday, June 15, 2015

Inside Out

Yellow grass and sky
Suggest environmental
Problems lie ahead.

The Traveling Wilburys investigate the following settings and discover that not all is as it should be:

- Outside window: grass is yellow. See what they mean?
- Up the chimney: sky is yellow. You know it.
- Down the drainpipe: it's yellow. You can't fool me.
- Into the future via crystal ball: It's yellow if it's there.

The problem:
- You can't figure it all out
- Outside's in
- Downside's up
- Upside's right
- You want to twist and shout

- There's something funny in the air. Watch your breathing.

This environmental warning song, or maybe it's more of a moral malaise song, appeared on the second and final Traveling Wilburys album in 1990.

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