Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lay Lady Lay

Bob wants you in bed.
He has balls and beds of brass.
You're lying on them.

I've never tried such a direct approach to get someone to fool around with me. Maybe I was doing it wrong. "Lay Lady Lay," from the 1969 album "Nashville Skyline," is a Dylan fan favorite, and an unabashed invitation to a night on the pillow. Dylan wrote the song for inclusion in the soundtrack to the film "Midnight Cowboy," but didn't file in time. It became a big country and pop hit all the same.

1. Lay across my big brass bed. I'll show you what's in your mind.
2. Stay with me until dawn, make me smile. I have dirty clothes, so maybe I should take them off. At least my hands are washed. You're pretty hot.
3. Let's have cake and eat it too. Wink wink. I'm right in front of you. Why wait?
4. I want you at night. I want you in the morning. Let's not delay our amorous adventures.

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