Monday, June 29, 2015

Life Is Hard

I made it alone,
But I find that life is hard
When you're not with me.

Everybody knows what a bummer it is not to have your sweetheart by your side. Bob Dylan explores this theme in "Life Is Hard," a slow number off the 2009 album "Together Through Life," and the opposite of the wish that the album title suggests:

1. Evening winds still. No way no will. On guard, life hard, no you near me.
2. You were a good friend, but now you're gone. By school yard, life hard, no you near me.
3. Empty since you left. Don't know what's wrong or right. Need strength to fight the world.
4. No more touch, heart locked up, haven't felt that much. Life hard, no you near me.
5. Sunset, time to go, chilly breeze. No memories, just dreams locked up. Life hard, no you near me.

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