Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lonesome Day Blues

This guy's all alone
And wistful. He didn't sleep
With his hot roommate.

Musically, "Lonesome Day Blues" is a barn burner. Lyrically, it reads just how you think it would. I drew only a piece of this song for the haiku. I highly recommend buying this album and listening to it. It's "Love and Theft" and it comes from 2001. This song is meant to be played nice and loud.

1. Sad day, mind million miles away.
2. People dancing the double shuffle, sand on the floor. I left my girl while she stood in the door.
3. Dad died, brother was killed in the war. Sister got married. Never heard no more.
4. "Samantha Brown lived in my house for about four or five months. Samantha Brown lived in my house for about four or five months. Don’t know how it looked to other people. I never slept with her even once."
5. Road's washed out, it's raining. I have observed that things that are hard to part with are things you don't need.
6. I'm driving to or from the mill, listening to the radio. I wish my mother were still alive.
7. Your lover, who is rotten, a thief and a coward, is coming across the barren field.
8. I have a captain who's schooled, skilled and decorated, and not the least bit sentimental about all his buddies who have been killed.
9. I listened to the wind last night. It brought an omen of approaching something or other, but nothing ever comes.
10. I'm going to spare people whom I've defeated, and plan to hold a public address. The plan is to teach peace to the conquered and to tame proud people.
11. Rustling leaves, stuff falling off the shelf. "You gonna need my help, sweetheart, You can’t make love all by yourself."

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