Monday, July 13, 2015


Summer holidays
In Mozambique sound like fun.
Watch out for landmines.

"Mozambique" is one of the stranger songs in Bob Dylan's canon. It appeared on the 1976 album "Desire," and was, like most of the songs on the album, written with psychoanalyst, English professor and "Oh! Calcutta!" musical director Jacques Levy. It's a short song about a romantic getaway to the sunny beaches and tropical paradise of Mozambique. At that time, the southeastern African nation and former Portuguese colony was just getting over a 10-year insurgency against its former colonizer, and was busy being mined to the gills. It was, perhaps, an imaginary Mozambique in another universe.

Attributes of the fake Mozambique:
- Sunny sky, aqua blue
- Couples dance cheek to cheek
- Nice place to visit for a week or two
- Lots of pretty girls
- Lots of time for romance
- Lots of time to hang out and chat
- Opportunities to find a lover
- Opportunities to say hello with a glance
- Time to hang out with your honey on the beach

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