Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Woman She's a-Leavin'

Woman's hard to please.
Her man is a rolling stone,
And now she's leaving.

This sounds like a Dylan original from the Basement Tapes sessions of 1967. The sound quality is quite good given the low-fi nature of the recordings, none of which were meant to be released commercially, but it's nearly impossible to understand many of Dylan's words. The ones that are distinguishable also are nuts. I transcribed as best I could. You can find this peppy little number on volume 11 of the Bootleg Series. I think it's another case of him trying out words and rhymes rather than attempting to make sense or to write an actual song. Still, it's entertaining background music. 

Broken out and fighting
But she's all right out of of need
And she's already mourning my hand
She's open as some pages 
But I don't have the need
But she's already cheating my stand
Every time you morning plea
I open this heart to please
But she's already held me in my hand
Now early in the morning she's a hot and a hand to hold
I'm a rolling stone of desire
Well bless my potato she's hungry but she's feeling
And she's all mashed up like to die
But she's don't leave me no combination
And I don't need no congregation
And she hear them preaching on the fire

Well xxxxxx 
hear no bell a ring man
Reason on the panda mama's kitchen
But she's all messed up with desire
Well I hate to be no streetin'
But my woman she's a leavin
And my feel no stand she's no liar

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