Friday, July 3, 2015

Long Time Gone

Good boy turned hobo
Gets heart broken, scorns others,
Wanders forever.

Here's another song from the Witmark Demos, done in 1963. You can find it on volume 9 of the Bootleg Series.

1. Parents raised me right. I went wrong because I like rambling. "I'm a long time a-comin', ma, and I'll be a long time gone."
2. Tried to find work in west Texas. They said I was too young.
3. I joined the carnival.
4. I loved a young girl. She broke my heart.
5. I went hitchhiking and couldn't get a ride.
6. The me you see now isn't the me you saw before.
7. Beauty lies, youth rots. Whatever, I'm just out here wandering.

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