Friday, July 3, 2015

Long Ago, Far Away

Crucifixion, slaves,
War, murder... Out of fashion?
Don't you believe it.

This demo, which Bob Dylan recorded for the Witmark company in 1962, reminds listeners that evil deeds of the past aren't just history so we're not absolved from thinking about them and worrying about the evil deeds of today. You can find the song on volume 9 of the Bootleg Series.

1. Preaching peace and brotherhood got Jesus crucified, but things like that wouldn't happen now, would they?
2. Slavery? That was just in Lincoln's time. Not.
3. Guns and war? Yeah, that happens today.
4. Kings and beggars living as they do? Not just historical.
5. Lynching? No, that's not the past either.

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