Sunday, July 12, 2015


Drinking will kill me,
Women good, drinking better.
I'll drink till I die.

This is Bob Dylan's take on an old Irish or American folk song. He recorded it in 1963 during the sessions for the album "The Times They Are a-Changin'," but it did not appear commercially until 1991 on the first edition of the Bootleg Series. Here are the lyrics:

I've been a moonshiner,
For seventeen long years,
I've spent all my money,
On whiskey and beer,
I go to some hollow,
And sit at my still
And if whiskey dont kill me,
Then I dont know what will,

I go to some bar room,
And drink with my friends,
Where the women cant follow,
And see what I spend,
God bless them pretty women,
I wish they was mine,
Their breath is as sweet,
The dew on the vine,

Let me eat when I am hungry,
Let me drink when I am dry,
A dollar when I am hard up,
Religion when I die,
The whole world's a bottle,
And life's but a dram,
When the bottle gets empty,
It sure ain't worth a damn.

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