Monday, June 8, 2015

Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance

You know what I like?
Women who like worried men
And second chances.

"Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance" is the second-to-last song on the 1963 album "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan." It and the song that follow, "I Shall Be Free," offer some respite from the grim humor, the just plain grim, and the tragedy and wistfulness that mark many of the songs that come before them. The origin of the song might be desperate; the title is a decent indicator, but the treatment is much lighter.

1. Allow me one more chance to:
- Get along with you
- Ride your aeroplane
- Ride your passenger train

2. What I'm doing:
- Walking down the road with my head in my hands
- Looking for a gal like you
- Looking for a needle in the sand

3. All about you:
- You need a worried man
- You ain't got no man.

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  1. Well Robert another peek into Bob Dylan's words. Read enough then come inside his Music Box,-Just-Allow-Me-One-More-Chance,-Just-Allow-Me-One-More-Chance and listen.