Saturday, June 13, 2015

If Not for You

If you weren't around,
It would be cold and rainy.
Life would be pointless.

It's impossible to hate "If Not for You." Don't try. It's everything that a sappy love song should be. It's the first song on 1970's "New Morning" album, and if I remember correctly, originally written for George Harrison to use. Harrison did use it, somewhere in the middle of "All Things Must Pass," his first album to come out after the Beatles broke up. I love both versions, and neither sounds like the other. There's also a recording of the two trying out the song in the studio, and you can find it on the first release in the Bootleg Series. 

If not for you:
- No find door
- No see floor
- Yes sad blue
- Awake all night
- Morning light no new
- Sky fall through
- Rain gather too
- Lost but for you
- No winter spring
- No robin sing
- No have clue
- No ring true

Here are several versions, starting with the one from the album. This is my favorite, but the rest are good too.

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