Sunday, June 14, 2015

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

Bob promises you
He's gonna be your sweetheart
As soon as tonight.

"I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" is the last song on the 1967 album "John Wesley Harding." It and the song before it, "Down Along the Cove" sound like Dylan brought them in from another album, even though he recorded them with the same band. While the first 10 songs sound like a mini-Apocrypha that got separated from a mysterious Bible or obscure religious text, these two songs are about being in love and being loved in return. "Down Along the Cove" is the bright walk in the meadow near the water during the middle of a warm day. "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" hovers on the intersection of sleep and canoodling.

Bedtime ritual:
- Close eyes
- Close door
- No worry no more
- Shut light
- Shut shade
- No be afraid
- Forget sail-away mockingbird
- Let be shine-like-spoon fat moon
- Kick off shoes
- No fear
- Bottle bring here

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