Friday, June 26, 2015

Journey Through Dark Heat (Where Are You Tonight?)

Woman and friends gone,
Parties and despair remain.
Can he persevere?

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman, spurning all the love of just one man.

Bob Dylan's attitude toward life, as expressed in his music, was none too bright in 1978. He was on the road after his separation from his wife, changing his old songs into soft-edged musical revue numbers, and looking and sounding like he was sick and tired of everything. "Journey Through Dark Heat (Where Are You Tonight?)" reads like a bunch of neuroses pureed in a blender, with the results left out in the sun on an old paper plate with an empty bottle of cheap gin and half a pack of menthols.

1. Train in rain, tears on letter, miss woman/want touch. She drifting like satellite.
2. Green smoky haze. She bathe in heat.
3. Cherokee father say relationship no last.
4. Angry woman got baby. Stripper on stage with clock and page of unwritten book. Where u at tonight?
5. Truth: obscure, profound, pure. Can't live with it without risk of explosion. You and me agree sacrifice and road for us.
6. Marcel, St. John and I: strong dudes full of doubt. Couldn't share thoughts with my women. She find them out all same.
7. She put flowers on shelf. I climb her hair. She feel my despair. 
8. Lion? In road. Demon? Escaped. Million dreams? Gone. Landscape? Being raped. Her beauty? Faded. 
9. Fight with my twin. He my enemy within. We both lose. My maladies: horseplay and disease. Law no notice.
10. Your partners in crime want my money. Your new boyfriend is an addict. I kick him in face. Didn't want to, but he leave me no choice.
11. Bite into root of forbidden fruit. Juice run down my leg (Hint: it's not juice). I see your boss who don't know loss, don't know how to beg.
12. Dark room, diamond gloom. Path to the stars. You think this life fun? Not so. Check these scars.
13. Dawn. I arrive. I survive. Can't believe I alive. All good, but no you make not right. Where u at tonight?

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