Saturday, June 13, 2015

If You Belonged to Me

If you were with me
Instead of that jerk, you would
Know what "happy" means.

Here's one from the second and final Traveling Wilburys album. I think that the song is by George Harrison, but Dylan takes pilot duties on the song. It's the usual compare-and-save-on-boyfriends pitch: she's in dire straits, not least because her boyfriend is a loser. The singer offers a chance to switch at 0% APR for an extended period.

1. You're dancing in someone else's clothes. You're coming out of things smelling like a rose, as usual.
2. You wouldn't be full of misery if you belonged to me.
3. You have no sympathy. You want to go to the rodeo just to see the cowboy fall.
4. You say you're free, but you'd be happier if you belonged to me.
5. You're hard to get to.
6. You say you're washed up.
7. You would be happy with me like a baby on daddy's knee.
8. You have a ruthless pimp for a boyfriend. He spends the money you give him on cocaine.
9. You have another option: me.

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