Saturday, June 13, 2015

If You See Her, Say Hello

He pretends he's fine,
But it's not true. He's in love
Despite their breakup.

"If You See Her, Say Hello" is a beautiful song, but boy is it dreary. Maybe the less judgmental way to say it is: the music fits the mood. One of the songs on side two of "Blood on the Tracks" from 1975, it captures the essence of why they say breaking up is hard to do. Though Burt and Hal earlier suggested that you "Make It Easy on Yourself," Dylan chooses the opposite path to working through his pain. 

What she did and what she's doing:
- Might be in Tangier
- Left me early last Spring
- Might think I've forgotten her (wrong)
- Lives inside of me

What happened:
- A falling out
- She busted out and got free

What I'm up to:
- Dealing with the bitter taste
- Going here and there, seeing people, hearing people mention her name
- Not getting used to things
- Being too sensitive, getting soft
- Replaying the past

What you should do:
- Say hello
- Tell her things get slow, but I'm OK
- Tell her I'm thinking of her
- Kiss her for me
- Tell her that I want what's best for her
- Tell her that I'd love to see her if she's in town

I don't visit this song much. It's too sad.

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