Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I Can't Come in With a Broken Heart

Here's a simple rule:
No broken hearts allowed here.
Don't come in with one.

More nonsense lyrics in a nonsense jam with the Band from the 1967 Basement Tapes sessions. Someone went to the trouble on the Internet to post the lyrics as well as they could understand them. Thank goodness because I had a hard time with them. You can find this song on volume 11 of the Bootleg Series.

well i go get broke down, before i bust down
gotta get in without a broken heart well
get a hoedown before a low down
before my guilt is acid hot
well every single morning
i can't take it no more
well if you with a heartache
go down baby
she don't care about that us apart
well she gonna have 'em, but she won't invite me
but i can't come in with a broken heart
i hold down, can't come down
is comin' in without a broken heart
well you cheated, showed her down
but i don't come around
o when she'll take ya tear us apart

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  1. Hello Robert, yes another one from the basement, who knows what else is down there, anyway come inside Bob Dylan's Music Box't-Come-in-With-a-Broken-Heart and listen to every version of every song composed or performed by Bob Dylan.