Sunday, June 7, 2015

Heart of Mine

Keep your love hidden
Or else that girl will hurt you.
Help me out here, heart.

"Heart of Mine" comes from the 1981 album "Shot of Love." The singer counsels his heart not to convince him to declare his love for a woman. He seems to be aware that the heart does what it wants, and doesn't usually listen to the rest of him. In fact, the heart is a tricky organ and will chase the girl even if it promises that it won't.

Bob's suggestions:

- Don't let her know you love her
- Don't be a fool or be blind
- Don't let her see that you need her
- Don't let her think you think she's fine
- Don't let her know where you're going
- Don't untie ties that bind
- Don't let yourself fall/stumble
- Don't do the crime if you can't do the time

Trouble with the girl:
- She'll fall for someone else

Trouble with the heart:
- Malicious and full of guile

Really good live version. The bassist and drummer are outstanding:

Studio version:

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